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You eliminate greenhouse gas emissions & capture CO2
You reduce environmental
pollution & health risks
You recirculate critical nutrients & produce renewable energy
You realize cost savings
& turn waste into revenue

Simplify your waste management and reduce handling costs by up to 90%

Your waste management has never been easier. AquaGreen’s continuous, fully automated process uses the waste’s calorific content to fuel its own system. The software-controlled system requires minimal manpower for operation and can be monitored remotely. 

Get your hands on state-of-the-art, patented technology

AquaGreen’s engineers collaborate closely with dedicated partners, senior scientists and professors from relevant universities, including the renowned Technical University of Denmark. Our solution has been recognized by the Solar Impulse Foundation.  

Apply steam-drying and pyrolysis to your industry

Would you like to see our commercial installations?

You can read more about our commercial installations and technology by requesting information below. You are also welcome to contact us to schedule a visit at the Danish wastewater treatment plant in Fårevejle. 

There is a strong belief in the AquaGreen technology

AquaGreen’s technology will provide the exact solution that the wastewater industry has been asking for during the last many years.

Per Henrik Nielsen

Project Director
Vandcenter Syd A/S

I see huge potential in AquaGreen and their sustainable sludge drying technology. No doubt that the timing is right for this type of technology within a number of industries.

Peter Vangsbo

Executive Director
Innovation Centre Denmark

I want to protect our common groundwater, our environment and ensure a better future for our descendants. That is why we have chosen to invest in AquaGreen’s technology.

Fanny Villadsen

Chief Executive Officer
Odsherred Forsyning

Odsherred Forsyning has made a video explaining the benefits of their installation

With an AquaGreen HECLA® Setores 1,000 plant, you can reduce greenhouse gases by 1,800 ton CO2e, produce 2,000 MWh energy, and store 500 ton carbon in biochar. The resulting biochar is odorless and has a content of 5-6% plant-accessible phosphorus.

AquaGreen is a Danish engineering company within cleantech

backed by Nordic Alpha Partners & the Danish Workers Pension Fund (ATP), developed and patented with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and recognized by innovation awards.