Sustainable biomass treatment


Turn your waste into resources

Integrated steam-drying and pyrolysis

Fully automated, continuous process

With AquaGreen’s HECLA® 1,000 plant, you can treat 1,000 metric tons dry matter annually. Doing so, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,800 ton CO2e, produce 2,000 MWh sustainable energy, and store 500 ton carbon in biochar. The resulting biochar is odorless and has a content of 5-6% plant-accessible phosphorus.

Superheated steam-dryer

Compact and cost-efficient drying

The compact, cost-efficient steam-dryer dries dewatered biomass in an oxygen-free atmosphere with superheated steam at 200°C. The process takes two hours and is free from malodor. The generated surplus steam is condensed, recovering the thermal energy for local- or district heating. The dryer is specifically designed and proven to master wet biomass drying with minimal carbon footprint.

high-temperature slow Pyrolysis

Next generation thermal treatment

In the pyrolysis oven, dried biomass is heated to 650°C in an oxygen-free atmosphere. The process takes 20 minutes and eliminates harmful pollutants such as microplastics, medical residues, PFAS, and PAH. The decomposing of organic compounds releases pyrolysis gas, which is combusted in the gasburner. The produced thermal energy is used for both the drying and the pyrolysis. The solid residue formed, biochar, consists of inorganic carbon and mineral ash. 

Biosolids Biochar

Stable and effective carbon sequestration

The hygienized, nutrient-rich and odorless biochar is storage safe with a bulk density of 600-800 kg/m3. The biochar offers multiple use cases, including soil improvement, fertilization and/or can be upcycled to activated carbon. In addition, biochar, produced at temperatures above 600°C, has a high stable carbon content of above 90%. In other words, pyrolytically transformed carbon will stay in the soil for centuries and represents a method for effective carbon sequestration.  

Would you like to see our commercial installations?

You can read more about our commercial installations and technology by requesting information below. You are also welcome to contact us to schedule a visit at the Danish wastewater treatment plant in Fårevejle. 

You are welcome to contact us to receive more information on our commercial plants and/or schedule a visit at the Danish wastewater treatment plant in Fårevejle. 

Odsherred Forsyning has made a video explaining the benefits of their installation

The Danish utility company, Odsherred Forsyning, has installed the world’s first integrated steam-dryer and pyrolysis plant at their Fårevejle treat plant. 

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