Pyrolysis hall erection – Rafter celebration at Tårnby Utility

Tårnby Utility (Forsyning) and AquaGreen sets up the world’s first HECLA Setores 1.500 during 2024. We met an important milestone on February 2nd, completing the first part of the building construction. Therefor Tårnby Utility held a rafter celebration for the 600 m2 hall for the pyrolysis plant together with all contracters and employees.

A proud chairman of the board for Tårnby Utility Einer Lydoch presented their vision “Here at Tårnby Forsyning, we have the UN’s world goals as benchmarks. With them in mind, we are constantly thinking about how we can bring sustainability and climate into both projects and daily operations. We must make things better and smarter – and always keep an eye on the climate”.

“The pyrolysis plant will help contribute to the green transition, and when we power up the pyrolysis plant at the end of 2024, we at Tårnby Utility can tick another checkmark on our checklist towards becoming energy neutral by 2030 at the latest,” said Einer Lyduch.

The pyrolysis plant is expected to be completed in the autumn, and then a test period awaits until the beginning of 2025, when the plant will finally be put into operation.

For more info, in Danish, please click on the link.

The AquaGreen HECLA Setores 1.500 will save up to 5000 tonnes of CO2e per year, while eliminating environmentally harmful substances as PFAS and pharmaceuticals.

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