AquaGreens sludge treatment plant gets first local approval

Odsherred City Council approved to expand Odsherred Forsyning with a combined sludge drying- and pyrolysis plant.

AquaGreen’s plant recycles resources, reduces heavy metals, and eliminates harmful substances and CO2 emissions. In addition it reduces sludge volume 90 % saving sludge handling costs.

“With the new sludge treatment, we will get cleaner groundwater, healthier food and presumably a healthier soil. Shifting from traditional utilization of wastewater sludge to biochar will improve biodiversity. This can really make a difference”, says Allan Andersen, chairman of Odsherred Forsyning and member of Odsherred City Council, Denmark.

The plant will be the first of its kind in the world and will be commissioned in the fall.

You can read the whole article (in danish) at:

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