Biochar from sludge to activated carbon

January 2019: AquaGreen has been awarded DKK 4.869.000 (€ 652.000) to turn biochar into activated carbon.

Together with the two leading Municipal Waste Water Treatment plants, Aarhus Vand A/S and Vandcenter Syd, AquaGreen has been awarded DKK 4.869.000 from MUDP (The Environmental Technology Development and Demonstration Program) to develop and test a technology for cost-effective up-cycling of residual sludge and turning it into activated carbon.

In the project, residual sludge will be transformed into high value activated carbon. The activated carbon will be locally applied on-site as a part of the waste water treatment process as filter material.  Simultaneously with the up-cycling, greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts related to organic pollutants and micro plastics will be reduced.

The project starts the 1st of January 2019 and a test installation will be supplied to Marselisborg Waste Water Treatment plant in Aarhus. AquaGreen is responsible for developing the required technology together with the Danish Technical University.